My name is Cristin.

I’m a BOSS who brings the experience of managing more than 40 teams at 40+ organizations (including for Disney), ranging in size from teeny tiny teams to 150+. I’ve managed 8 figure budgets and taken projects from but a glint in the eye to celebrity filled red carpets. From theatre to product shipping to churches to medical quality and utilization management to higher education, the only thing I really haven’t done is snake a toilet (and believe me, I don’t want to).

My story is fairly unique in the online world, but 100% normal for theatre folk.

I transitioned from Catholic grade school to public high school, and one of my ideas to find friends was to blitz club meetings. I went to every one. I did not make it 15 minutes into cheerleading, became the volleyball team statistician, and fell in LOVE with the stage crew.

I have what theatre folks would call “a stage manager brain,” which means I make order out of chaos while honoring the vision and integrity of the producer, director, and playwright. And I love people.

And that was that! I worked in the theatre for a decade plus while moving in and out of other industries as I pieced together the work life of a theatre professional in America.

What does this mean for you and your business?

What does that look like from a business perspective? Your business, your methods, your systems, your values, your integrity, your energy – I honor them, and I honor you. I can systemize you and your business’ way of being so you can be the boss and scale without compromise. I won’t tell a new Mom about the miracle of a 5 AM morning, and I won’t tell a person with chronic illness she needs to hustle.

What does that look like from a growth perspective? Your business is working, but every time you try to scale or market by taking a course or work with a coach/strategist, you hit resistance because they are asking you to deny what makes you you. Or you might not have identified your “one of a kindness” so you don’t know why your business works. Hard to grow what you don’t know.

What does that look like from a leadership perspective? You might have started the scaling process and discovered that you’re feeling icky. You might have lost your way and are no longer matching your values, or even your company’s mission. You might also have problems with retention because you’ve become the supervisor you fled… If you’ve only known bad managers and organizations, it’s hard to break free.

Cristin Downs

I believe, more than anything…

that “normal” wasn’t working – for anyone! The pandemic and worldwide #BlackLivesMatter protests have proven that the old way didn’t work (and it was racist and ableist), and we don’t need to live that way any more. We get to CHOOSE what comes next. We get to forge a new path. And we do it together.

That’s why I believe it’s never been a better time for my mission — that women are here to change the world with their businesses, and it is with women’s leadership that we remake the world.

Let’s get personal

 I’m a pizza and ice cream making, wine and whiskey drinking, bookworm Mama to a tiny mischief maker (fondly known as “The Bean” on social) and my pet menagerie, and wife to actor Mike. I *may* be known for colorful language and a love of the news. I also love my big yellow headphones. They make me think of sunshine.

Cristin Downs

Are you looking to be a leader in your life, work, and community?

I help Notable Women become the leaders they know they are through great boundaries, increased capacity, action aligned with values,  identifying one of a kindness, and then once these women are leading, we work on value and energy aligned systemization, ethical people management, and executive mentorship. This helps you live a life that lets you thrive financially and make an impact while also leaving a legacy – yours.


Ready to get started?

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